Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts during the month of August. I was in a very odd subletting situation (more on this to follow-- probably not though...) and felt busier than usual with life. 

I moved into my new apartment today and things couldn't have gone smoother. I genuinely wish that I always remember to be as awesome as the following people:
*Kara Ohhhhhh, berg.

If someone helps you lift even one box of the contents of your life, you should be thankful. Should the goodness of life be measured by the people who are willing to load a box of your shit into a truck? I don't know.  But I feel really lucky to know some truly great people.  

After moving the last of my belongings into my new space, I grabbed lunch and ice cream with my girl and came back to crack a few beers with my new roommates on the back porch. Sam Adams Octoberfest is a good reason to stick around Boston in the fall. While enjoying whatever breeze we could catch, my new roomie got a call saying he got a freaking fantastic new job, and excitedly stood up saying, "I should call someone!" We suggested his parents, and he agreed. The very least we can do for our parents is keep them at the top of the list for good news calls.  

I left the back porch for his calling area and moved to my room to unpack and organize. While rocking out a bit to the Satellite radio, Modest Mouse came on and I happily opened boxes to "Float On" thinking that the mood, the song, the vibe, was alright. 


MFB said...

you didn't listen to that new band you love? babypants? i'm shocked.


so happy to have you staying :)

Ness said...

You are def lucky you got help. You failed to mention at you are quite possibly the worst mover...ever.

Ex: Brina made you sit in closet when she moved into college.

Ex: "Excuse me MA FRIEND...How geeeet me to west kennedy boulvard?!" (...que you dropping futon frame and breaking it)

Happy you are all settled sister!