Monday, August 09, 2010


Goodbye hugs are much slower than hello hugs. 


Anonymous said...

Speaking about hello and goodbyes... (this is Matt T) so I was talking with Amanda about B-ports auditorium..long story, and wanted to see if I could find a picture in the year books I have, and I just read through the little blips people wrote and yours made me laugh hard and smile a lot. So of course I read them all. It really made me miss you (just a recap of the funny things - "Home of the Marching Balls" "It's hot in here!" "How did it end? I don't the guy got down." The internet class being infatuated with me (you wrote little bubbles over their heads with comments professing their love for me), marching without shoes on (I don't remember that so much), and you commenting how much I talked in the morning (this was the first year we had met) - side note, remember how I relentlessly picked on that poor trombone player...God, I bet I'm on his "To Kill" list for sure....I still feel bad about it and wish I could have a Billy Madison moment)

OK, enough rambling, but I just wanted to say I was thinking of please call me back. Don't I sound desperate. Oh, and Beth would like you to call her as well.....long story I can explain later.

Jess said...

Matt! I miss you!!
That message just made me smile like you wouldn't believe. So funny!
Sorry I've been the worst friend ever about getting in touch. Calling you soon, I promise!!

Hope things are going well! Say hey to Amanda for me!
Really do miss laughing with you, bud!!

pilgrimchick said...

I think you've got a really good point there.