Friday, September 17, 2010

Deli Series: Andres The Sandwich Guy.

"Andres The Sandwich Guy" is the name of a cartoon I want Andres, the sandwich guy at work, to write, draw, and star in. He's the closest thing I've ever met to a real-life cartoon character (next to Geoff Gavett). Between his hilarious noises and impressions, his amazing accent, and the way his imagination works, he usually keeps me laughing throughout a shift. 

When Lindsey used to work at the restaurant (Hi Lindsey! Miss your face!) Andres would always hold his heart after she left for the night and say in his thick Colombian accent, "I juss... want to kees her." And then he would hold a fake person in his arms and dip them a little. 

"I juss... want to kees her." has become one of my favorite lines in life. 

When Lauren was promoted, this was the exchange we had:
Me: Congratulate Lauren! She's a manager now.
Andres (squinting with his head tilted): Why do you say this?
Me: Because it's true.
Andres: Why's it true?
Me: Andres, it's true.
Andres (smiling like a little kid): Good. She's hot. 

And every time it rains he says with such incredible passion, "I loaf the thunder! I loooooaf it!" 

He often dances around his station and makes random voices for the meats before he slices them. If you know to pay attention, he's the most entertaining person in the restaurant. 

Amalia has a nice post about some of his recent work. Enjoy:)


Amalia said...

I love it!

"I juss want to kees her."

"Why is this true?"


I'm glad we both see the humor in our job.

MFB said...

keesing :)

MFB said...

isn't he also the "i hadn't thought of that" guy?

Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

I miss Andres! and you of course!

Jess said...

Lauren, totally missing you!! Hope everything is going well with the new gig!! Let's meet up for drinks soon:)

Anonymous said...

Andres is hot, Lindsey should let him kees her. That's my we get to vote?

Anonymous said...

Jess!! Thanks for the shout out :) I miss your face more, can we please meet up soon?