Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love Is.

It's kind of a difficult to explain, but here's all you need to know.
-I needed to do laundry this morning but didn't have any pants to wear to the laundromat. 
-I borrowed a pair of Mer's sweatpants but couldn't figure out the drawstring so my underwear was showing most of the time as I walked down the street. 
-I was carrying my belt because that's what you do when your jeans are in the washer.
-I was wearing my work sneakers, which are HIDEOUS. When Sabrina visited me she literally bent in half laughing when I put them on.

This is what was going on.

In short, I looked like a crazy person. This picture doesn't really give you a sense of how insane I actually looked, but trust me, I was embarrassed. On our walk back to the laundromat to switch my clothes to the dryer, Mer held my hand the whole way. It struck me that maybe that's what love is. Maybe love is holding hands with the person you're with even when they're carrying a belt, wearing moon shoes, and showing oncoming traffic their underwear. 


MFB said...

only when you *requested* to have your picture taken did i doubt you, my dear :)

so freaking funny though. xoxo!

Brina said...

The picture does a perfectly fine job of illustrating how crazy you looked. Don't worry.

No star fruit to walk with that belt, eh?