Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was joking around with some coworkers the other night, asking if it would be funny if I walked around the restaurant using something of a chicken dance movement, and while demonstrating, I slammed my leg into a wall. Dominic happened to be behind me when I did this and started laughing uncontrollably. For the rest of the night, whenever he passed me, he would simply point, say, "ha" and walk away.

Anyway, it reminded me of this little number from last year, and I figured it's about that time again.


MFB said...

best. present. ever. :)

Amalia said...

Is that one of your sisters on the other side of the camera? "Merry Christmas Jessica"...Her voice sounds the SAME as yours!

pilgrimchick said...


Jess said...

yeah it's bri.
my parents can never tell any of us apart on the phone.