Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I Saw Sparks.

A clear sky/cold weather combo motivates me to get out and start my day. I jumped out of bed at 6:45, threw on some sweats, grabbed my laundry, and headed for the laundromat. I figured I would throw a load in the washer, run over to Meredith's to say good morning, run back to dry and fold my clothes, and then run back to her place to walk her to work. 

Everything went to plan and I was quite pleased with myself. Even if I do nothing else with my day, finishing a load of laundry is a big enough accomplishment for me. And I did it so early! I'm a go-getter!  Holding Mer close as we walked to the hospital, I had a goofy grin because it was just a really nice moment. Crisp, cold weather, spring fresh scents, neatly folded t-shirts, all good. Stopping to give her a kiss goodbye, I leaned in smiling, touched her nose with my nose, and heard her yelp in pain as she quickly jumped away from me.

"I just got a static shock from your nose!" 

Rubbing her nose, we had to laugh. 

I get static shocks all the time in the winter and my clothes straight from the dryer probably didn't help. 

When I kissed her again, the static electricity returned. We both flew back Matrix style, grabbing our noses, shouting "Owww!"

We parted ways saying goodbye with pained expressions and half-covered faces. 

It was very romantic. 


Amalia said...

I came into the house today after putting my laundry in the dryer and when Luna ran up to me my hand shot such a huge blue spark off her nose.
She was so bewildered and gave me this abused look like, "What did I do wrong?"
I felt horrible!

Jess said...

love that dog.

it's so weird though, to have zaps come from your finger tips. Before I touch anything now I squint and move slowly. I look ridiculous.

Semi-related: Have you noticed your water pitcher callus is more pronounced in the cold weather?

MFB said...

is one of us supposed to be a DOG in this scenario?

just kidding. poor luna! i feel her pain.

it was still a fun start to my hump day :) besides, now we can do the electric slide and be like, "WHAT." ff

Amalia said...

My water pitcher callus (thanks zaftigs!) would be worse, if I wasn't obsessively moisturizing my hands every hour...

The second I bring that stuff out at work it's like I just delivered an ice cream cake. People are all over me. "Oh can I have some of that?" Then everyone at the servers' station is rubbing their hands for 5 minutes.

On a semi-related note: Luna has a split down the middle of one of her foot pads. I tried to keep it protected by putting a sock on her foot. You can imagine how that went. Walking fail.