Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Don't Want To Call You Boob.

A couple weeks ago at work Michael said, "There are two types of humor. ____ humor and ____ humor." 

I couldn't quite make out what he said but I was almost 100% positive that the first category he mentioned was "boob humor." So naturally, I asked in confusion, "BOOB humor? What's that?"

Everyone turned to look at me. The unison response was, "He didn't say boob humor."

Looking to the floor, I simply said, "Oh." 

A three-beat pause elapsed before the rainstorm of comments fell down on me.
-Well, we know what's on your mind.
-Clean it up, Jessica. You're at work.
-Is that all you can think about?
-Where did you even get that?!

Growing redder by the second I had no choice but to defend myself. Looking to Michael with a pained expression of embarrassment I yelled, "You said boob!" 

Note: Shouting the word boob is not a good defense and will only make people laugh harder at you. 

Laughing nervously, unable to say anything else, I covered my burning face with a check presenter and waited for everyone to walk away.


Amalia said...

HAHAHA! That is on the top 10 list of "moments when Jess gets embarrassed at work, but not in a bad way, in a funny way." I LOLed.

Naomi said...

Wait, so what ARE the two types of humor??