Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Is My Favorite Scene.

For someone who grew up watching too many movies, who wasted most conversational opportunities quoting the lines other people wrote for screenplays, and who wished so badly for a perfect cinematic moment in her own life that she was willing to study film just for the chance to create it herself, it'd be pretty irresponsible of me to let the current wave of perfect moments go unnoticed. I'm catching them all. This one is shareable.

Scene: In a car, on a gorgeous day, on a joyride through the Boston area.
Soundtrack: Location-Freelance Whales.
Mood: Ecstatic.

With the windows down, the volume up, and the driver singing along to the best part of the song (ey-oh-we-ay-way-ay-oh...), the passenger catches the wind out of her side of the car with bunny hill movements of her hand. Looking through the sunroof to watch the clouds pass, the passenger glances at the driver.

Passenger: Hi.
Driver: Hi.

Returning her attention to the hand/wind combo out the window, the passenger realizes this might be the happiest she's ever been.  


Take note of the cinematic moments in your life. They're important.


Amalia said...

That's pretty freaking adorable. Good for you!

MFB said...

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is...

Jess said...

Cheers, Amalia! I can't wait to give the speech at your wedding and tell the story about how you and TJ met.

mfb? who is this?