Thursday, May 06, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

Hanging out with my sisters is just about the best time around. I saw them last weekend and had so many good laughs, it was awesome. 

The only thing is, over the last year, every time I get back to New York to visit, Vanessa's arms have somehow gotten bigger. It's kind of starting to scare me. She easily does 1,000 push-ups a day-- in public. Grocery shopping, out to eat, chilling in Central Park, wherever, I'll turn around and see that she's on the ground doing push-ups.  It's annoying and weird. But I guess totally jacked arms don't just magically appear.  It takes a daily regimen of being annoying and weird. 

While outside Lincoln Center enjoying the fountain, Bri and I turned around to find Nessa on the filthy ground doing crazy yoga moves and ridiculously fast push-ups. 
I'm telling you, WEIRD. 

Not to be outdone, Brina got in on the push-ups. (I'll spare you those shots, but trust me, they exist.)

I just stood there for a minute thinking of something equally cool that I could do, but only came up with showcasing my wicked sweet dance moves. 

As Nessa continued with her workout, I started to get arm-envy so I picked up the lightest thing I could find. My sister.

Trying to convince Sabrina that she was just as strong as Ness, I yelled, "Piggy back ride!" and tried to have her carry me around. 

That didn't work.

About 5-minutes into this, a security officer named Nomad (I've been having a lot of recent run-ins with this name) came over and started to ask questions.
Long story short, he asked us to stop. But not before taking this picture. 

I'm obviously going to have to frame this and give it to my parents. 
They're going to be so proud.


Macnabbs said...

Hummmn, that plaza is not unlike the scene from the climactic battle sequence at the end of 'Heroes', season one (for those that have not seen, several camera-friendly types have super-powers like being able to regenerate, or fly, as opposed to having superpowers that would be useful in everyday life, like being able to always speak to go straight to the head of a queue when you've 'phoned for some information on something, or being able to appreciate mime or modern dance. Anyhoo...) and you 'day out with the family' photos actually do look like you have a selection of superpowers - like being able to push the earth downwards (a la Chuck Norris) or cause hardcore uproar on the dancefloor through busting moves that are just > this side of genius and < that side of dangerous.

And of course annoying security guards. What was the offence, being offensively jolly?

MFB said...

I love that the New Yorkers in the background just don't even care that y'all were doing this :)

Possibly the best string of photos I've seen in a while.

Seeing as you and Nessa both have guns of some kind or another, Sabrina's gotta find some way in on that...

Macnabbs said...

'both have guns of some kind or another'

Is it just me or is that the single most terrifying comment to appear on this blog? It’s the ‘some kind or another’ that really gives pause – everything is in scope, from a derringer as might be carried lady’s evening purse, all the way up to a quad-barrelled water-cooled belt-fed blunderbuss, such as might be carried on public transport.

Still…armed and dancin’? That’s a show I’d watch.

Sabrina said...

Jess fails to mention that this all took place directly outside my place of employment. I would love to see either of you allow this to happen outside either of your workplaces. In fact, now I kinda want to do that.

And MEREDITH! Are you implying that I am not strong??!! Get ready for an arm wrestling competition the next time you're here. And if I get sick and have Nessa fill in for me, that's still fair b/c we're blood relatives.

MFB said...

Sabrina, I wouldn't dare imply such a thing. I merely meant that both your sisters have found their own types of guns -- Nessa in her beastly arms, Jess in her trademark dance move. Surely there's another type out there for you to claim?

Naomi said...

I'm just kind of surprised that Sabrina didn't go inside and see if Bobby in the Lobby wanted to get in on the action. THAT would have been amazing.

Naomi said...

I would like to inform Jess, Ness, Brina, MFB, and all other readers who are interested, that I may have challenged my quite buff and studly host in Miami this weekend to a "plank by the pool" challenge on Sunday night. At the time, it seemed like a really good idea. I put up a good fight, but I did not win. If only there had been photographic evidence... :(

MFB said...

was that pre- or post-champagne in the hot tub? (hotTUB with my LOVAH) miss your face.