Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Request And Dedication.

Pile of Cheese Guy came in for breakfast yesterday. When I handed him a menu I started to laugh to myself because I nearly greeted him with, "Hey! Pile of Cheese Guy!"
Sticking to a simple, "Good morning" it immediately occurred to me, why not fill him in on his secret identity? 

I have a theory that everyone in the world wants a nickname. How could they not? Nicknames mean that people find you interesting enough to remember by a name attached to some sort of story. It's nice. So I thought, how cool for Pile of Cheese Guy to find out he has an alias that he doesn't even know about!

It was relatively quiet in the restaurant and he was the only customer at the counter, so there wasn't any danger of embarrassing him. So as I poured his coffee, I casually mentioned that he was semi-famous around the deli as, "Pile of Cheese Guy." 
Looking slightly creeped out, he asked why.
I reminded him of this story, and he finally gave in and laughed a little. (Come on, pile of cheese is a hilarious combination of words!)

Pile of Cheese Guy: So what's my girlfriend's nickname?
Me: Well, she's Pile of Cheese. Obviously. You named her that. 
Pile of Cheese Guy: Right. Of course. And I'm...
Me: Pile of Cheese Guy. Because you're the guy who said "Pile of Cheese."  

None of this is particularly cryptic. 

But then I made the mistake of saying, "I've written about it on my blog."

As soon as the words left my mouth I felt like an idiot. I stood there thinking, this guy is going to think I'm insane.
"Good morning, Pile of Cheese Guy! Cup of coffee? Oh, p.s., you don't know me, but I write about you and your girlfriend on the internet. Orange juice?"

To my relief, he didn't call a manager over to complain about weird girl bothering him, but instead, pulled out his iphone to check out the blog. Just before typing the address he said, "Wait, I wonder what will happen if I google Pile of Cheese Guy!" 

Sure enough, the number 1 result was a post about him. 

It kind of made my day to see a person learn an incredibly random, unknown fact about himself. 

Anyway, before leaving he requested another post in his honor. 
As promised. 

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