Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When's Lunch?

I suppose the 15-minute break doesn't exist in outer space. While watching footage of astronauts tune up the Hubble Telescope last night on the news, it occurred to me that these people show up to do work.

It makes sense on a few levels. First, where would they go on a break? It's an ironic little twist that in the vastness of space they could really only float in the corner of their shuttle.
-What are you doing?
-I'm on break.

Plus, with the help of the best communication technology money can buy, they are in constant contact with their employer. That's part of the reason I would be the worst astronaut ever.
Crewmate: Jess, Houston's on the phone for you.
Me: [waving my hands, shaking my head with wide eyes and slowly whispering] I'm not here.
Houston: Um, yeah, we can see you.

Note: I don't think they use phones in space. It'd be cool if they did though. Every time the phone rings a mission specialist shouts out, "I'll get it!" and then doggy paddles over to the rotary.


Katherine said...

this isnt technically a comment on the above blog, but it occurred to me rather belatedly that upon leaving the last comment, it didnt give my full name, just 'katherine', which may or may not have been kind of awkward as you didnt know it was me. SO- tis i, kate marchetti, of the rochester marchettis. good times.

Jess said...

saywhaa?!! Kate Marchetti! Blast from the past!
I just got a really nostalgic urge to have a Christmas party at your house.

How the hell are you Kate?! Do you go by Katherine now? It's so grown up. My grown up name for introductions is Natasha. Then once I get to know people I'm like, "You can just call me Jess."

Glad to see that you're still hilarious. I get some updates from my parents and life seems to be treating you and Emily really well. We should all meet up again, it's been forever!

Thanks for letting me know it was you. I had no idea! it helps explain why I haven't heard back from an old Katherine I used to know. That email I sent is going to make almost no sense to her. jk.

So hey, don't be a stranger!
Take care!