Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Holy Shit.

So i just wrote the last chapter to my book! I was reading an essay by Camus and it gave me an idea for a wrap up and I sat down and finished it! If you're not related to me, you probably don't know or care that i've been working on this (on and mostly off) for what seems like forever, but yea, fucking last chapter bitches!!! Note: Jane Austen is famously quoted as saying, "fucking last chapter bitches" upon completing Sense and Sensibility. True.
But I'm really excited, like shaking excited actually. I called my sisters and my parents and everyone was sleeping. Kind of takes the buzz away from a writing high when you have to wake people up and wait for the sleep voice to fade away so they can be excited for you too, but I'll take it.
Just went to the store to get a bottle of wine to celebrate. Nono good sir, 2 buck chuck's will not do for this occasion. I have written a book! Tonight shall be $3 Spanish Wine!


sarah said...

YEA JESSICA! Congrats!! I can't wait to buy it off the bookstore shelves. I just got home from China late last night - it was a blast, but Beijing was very dirty and dusty and much like any other congested big city. I took a weekeend trip to a more rural town called Xi'an and I loved being out of the city - it was my favorite part of the trip. I'm posting my pics soon so I'll send you a link. I'm also going to try to turn the last 3 weeks into a book somehow and when I complete it, I'll be sure to use the same quote... :-) Talk soon, xox

Jess said...

duuude! so i was thinking about china all the time. i want to hear all about it, and please do send the pictures! also, i just got back from the airport myself and the toilets in the bathroom wouldn't stop flushing. 3 of them, non-stop. i was laughing in the stall, people must have thought i was nuts.
and yo- you have to write that book. will it be like a lost in translation type thing? or a fictional fast chewing lawyer on the banks of the yangtze tale? that's been done i think. Year of the Rabbit. not great. right well let me know, because honestly, sarah skelcher is an author's name if ever I've heard one. MISS YOU

Anonymous said...

Ah, now THAT explains a lot.

Gushing praise from an anonymous source is, let’s face it kind of creepy, but I read your blog and on a couple of occasions laughed so hard that tea nearly spurted out of my nose (don’t drink ‘n’ read kids), so praise is deserved.

The more I read the more I thought that you might be either an aspiring or published author, the quality of the writing is a giveaway. Love the way it’s put together as an open family newsletter. Your family sound like a hoot - made me think of the family in the Charles Addams cartoons - but in a good way.

Finally, on the subject of Jane Austin:


and click on the thumbnail of the woman in the bonnet sitting across the desk from her shocked publisher.

Look forward to buying your book.

Anonymous said...

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