Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If You Were A Tree...

I've experienced comments and questions about my height since I was a little kid.  Once when I was like nine, a toddler came up and held my hand thinking I was his mother.  
I was nine.
So it's never anything new when someone asks me to reach for something, or stand back to back with their tallest friend. But this was an exchange I had with a coworker yesterday about the tree she bought for Christmas: 
Coworker: And we got such a great deal on it. It was only like $22!
Me: Oh wow, that's crazy.  But is it like a Charlie Brown Tree?
Coworker: No, it's big! It's like your size.


Around the holiday season, it's not uncommon to have someone hold a sweater or a shirt up to your body and say, "That looks like your size." But I think I'm the first to have that done with a Christmas tree.


Kelly said...

But I did follow it up with it was a wide as me. Love you Jess

Jess said...

Ha! Thanks for the comment Kelly.
Also, are you a woman?
Honestly though, who says that?

Anonymous said...

If I'm ever a witness to a crime, I'm using that as my descriptor. "Officer, I saw the man who did it. He was as tall as a christmas tree with tinsel colored hair".

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that was peed on by a semi-blind dog once. Either she smelled like a tree or felt like one hehe at least you're just as tall as one.

Jess said...

anonymous 1: in some cases, that might be a perfect description.

anonymous 2: thanks? I think?