Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays, From The MBTA.

I realized a little too late last night on the train ride home that I had inadvertently sat across from a crazy person. I've built up quite a tolerance to this so I'm never really bothered by anything anyone says anymore, but this guy had me seriously concerned for about 6 stops.

Guy: It's all about child support and credit cards, Teddy. Child support and credit cards.
Me: [Close eyes.]
Guy: And somebody thinks they wanna control the taste? I don't think so! Hey, Teddy!
Me: [Thinking] Am I Teddy?
Guy: That's when I say to them, pow! pow! pow! I'll rip your face off.
Me: Oh, shit.
Guy: So if your face gets ripped, come see me.
Me: [Thinking] I should probably get off the train now.
Guy: Credit cards! Pow Pow Pow!

This is where a nice little internal debate began. Clearly, this man was not well, and had some ideas about faces, but if I got off the train before my stop I'd have to wait for another one and who knows how long that might take. So, do I risk him getting upset that Teddy isn't responding, and possibly have my face ripped off (pow pow), or get off the train and freeze while waiting for another one? Either way, the options for my face weren't looking good. 

I stayed on the train without incident.  Everyone's face was ok. 


Anonymous said...

"Me: [Thinking] Am I Teddy?"

Happens in NYC ALL the time.

Anonymous said...

At least you got to keep your quarters this time.

Jess said...

whoa anon 2: kicking it old school posts. cheers!

anon 1: lmao? yeah? apsut?