Sunday, December 06, 2009

Good One.

I love that this story is getting national attention for three reasons:

1) That picture is awesome and reminds me of a story. (To follow.)
2) Local news is pathetic, but dedicating 2-minutes to a high school yearbook story might be a new low. That's what high school news shows are for.
3) Wearing a t-shirt with her own face on it kind of makes me think we're on the verge of a whole new generation of message tees. "I'm With Her." "She's With Me" "Can I help you?" 
Arrows will be involved.
Note: My boss was saying that she doesn't like when pregnant women wear message t-shirts about their babies. I have to agree, except I wouldn't mind seeing a maternity shirt that says, "There's somebody in here!"

Anyway, about that yearbook photo story. 
One year in band (no comments, please) everyone dressed in uniform and went to the front of the school for group shots for the yearbook.  The photographer was standing on the roof of the school and it was sort of a big production to get everyone organized.  Bored out of our minds, my buddy Matt thought it would be a good idea to horn pop drastically every time the photographer took a picture. I agreed. So picture after picture, Matt and I would lean back as far as possible, shooting our saxophones into the air, while everyone else just stayed standing still.  It gave us a good laugh, photo shoot ended, class dismissed.

About three weeks later, the two of us were asked to meet with our band director in his office. Closing his door, and asking us if we knew why we were there, we both shook our heads.  I honestly had no idea. Opening up a large envelope, our teacher pulled out the pictures and slowly lined his desk with them.  

They. Were. HILARIOUS.
Even though these were large group shots, we totally stuck out and our faces were eerily similar to the girl in the news story. In many of the shots, Matt had taken his saxophone apart and was just holding a mouthpiece in the air. In others, we were basically on the ground in limbo-like stance. 

I have never wanted to burst out laughing so badly in all of my life. But standing in the band director's office listening to him yell at us, I figured my timing might be off.  When I'm not able to laugh, my eyes water. A lot. So he probably thought I was pretty upset about the whole thing as I stood there crying. When we were finally dismissed, we basically rolled into the hall laughing.

Just like the girl in the news story, none of our pictures made the yearbook either. 
Matt was later arrested for gang-related activities. 

I like reminiscing. 


MFB said...

1.) when your book takes off, hands down those pictures are going to be worth serious money. not that they shouldn't already be... any chance your director actually had a hidden sense of humor and (a) loved them at the time but had to hold up the school policy, or (b) kept them because they were clearly immediate classics? eh?

2.) i love how you throw "horn pop" in there like we know the lingo. some of us were just orchestra and chorus geeks -- no popping whatsoever over in the cello section, yo.

3.) where do you FIND these things?! makes my day, but seriously! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahem, as said Matt in the followed up story, I just feel I need to have my side heard out.

Ok, so I did come up with the idea, and we really were told very seriously, and very loudly, that we had ruined the photos. But to say I had taken apart my horn without being noticed is really outlandish. It almost makes the story unbelievable.

Oh, and in my defense, I never received any convictions for those arrests and involvement in any 'gangs' was wholly unsubstantiated.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a limbo trophy to go polish.

Jess said...

Cello?! It's a bass. and don't pretend like you don't know what horn pop means.

Matt, what are you talking about?! You took your saxophone apart in some of the pics. That happened.
"Brian, do you have the folder?!"
Congrats on the house! Catch up soon.

Sabrina said...

Now would be an appropriate time to re-tell the story of when you ran for uni-manager. And the top 10 list that ensued.

Sabrina said...

Remember? Uni-me.

Jess said...

oh man! uni-me! totally forgot about that.
god damn, I could make a slogan.