Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's A Cut Cost In Kronor These Days?

I need a haircut like whoa, but because I'm relatively new to Boston, I'm hesitant to just randomly sit down anywhere and let them have at it. I LOVE Micah (hi Micah!) but to get back to New York in the near future doesn't look good. So I've been keeping my eyes peeled for haircuts, hoping to find a place here. 

Tonight I saw a girl with a fantastic style so I basically chased her down and was like, "Sorry, where did you get your hair cut?"

She looked at me flatly for about five seconds before slowly replying in a thick accent, "Sweden."


Maybe I can wait another week. 


Anonymous said...

My Bostonian friend goes to Twilight near fenway. She also recommends checking out yelp.com/boston. I believe it's the online version of accosting random Swedish women.

Jess said...

Please write to yelp letting them know about their new slogan.

So funny.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you're a genius. I'm totally writing to Yelp and recommend their tagline be, "more informative than a swedish tourist". I'm eager to ready their reply.