Friday, October 23, 2009


New research has found that plants can recognize their siblings. LiveScience reports that while plants can't see or hear (or can they??), they can tell what other plants are around them through chemicals secreted from their roots.  

The findings are the exact opposite of sibling rivalry. When plants are around sibling plants, nutrients are shared, and all are able to grow equally. But when a plant senses a "stranger," it grows more roots and competes for water with that unknown plant.  It also refuses to take candy from the stranger plant or to get in its car. 

The fact that plants can recognize family isn't so crazy, is it? What will really blow my mind is if the research continues and finds that during the holiday season, plants sharing space near family drink more and focus almost exclusively on personal breathing exercises.  


Brina said...

Love that a farmer's daughter has to reference LiveScience for information on plants, rather than just asking Dad.

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be that the "stranger" plant is actually the middle sibling plant? Hmmmmm....makes one wonder, doesn't it??? LOL

Jess said...