Friday, October 30, 2009

Ironically, No Guests On The Groom's Side.

A Somali man who claims to be 112 years old has married a 17-year-old girl, according to the Associated Press.

The couple was registered at Bed, Bath, & What The Fuck?!


The Rodeo Princess said...

Surely someone will option this as a reality show.

Anonymous said...

That Goldigger!

Jess said...

-Yes, I believe Kate Gosselin and Mario Lopez are involved somehow. Those two will do anything.

-Grave robber is the new relationship term.

Anonymous said...

Also, in the article it talks of how the families paid for a shaman to come and take on the spirit of the groom's mother, who then spent the rest of the wedding admonishing the bride about how she will never be good enough for her "young man" (obviously translated the real quote is something different).

Jess said...

Right, I forgot about that. In between vows the groom was quoted as saying, "Mom! You're embarrassing me!" However, this was also a translation. What he actually said was, "Maaaaawwww."

He's 112. Everything he says sounds like "Maaaawwww."

But seriously, any mention of a shaman is grounds for comment of the year.