Monday, January 08, 2007

aw, snap.

Friday morning I'm in bed, turning over still in that great fuzzy area between being asleep and awake and I see the alarm says 8:00. I smile a little and close my eyes trying to incorporate 8:00 into the last bit of my dream, thinking, why does 8:00 sound so familiar? In my dream I was at a huge mall and when I looked up the escalators, I saw the hotel and thought, I should probably be there. and then it struck me that no, i should actually be there. I jumped out of bed realizing i was supposed to be at work by 8.
Raf was in the shower and I had to wait so I decided to check some email. I love that point when you're already late so you just say screw it. Looking through my email, I see one with the subject, "OPEN EYED SNEEZE." hmm, weird. So my heart starts to beat a little faster and I open it, trying to remain realistic. I sent out query letters last week and the mailman said they would be to New York by Wednesday. If this email was sent to me on Friday, the agent was probably writing to say pass.
But no. The agent was writing to say, let's see what you got. Actually, the agent's assistant wrote the email, but, semantics. She said that they wanted to see an author's bio, synopsis, and the entire manuscript.
Most of the books I've been reading about finding a literary agent say to expect to wait a while to hear back with news about your queries, thus i was kind of freaking out.
Waiting for the train to go into work I called my dad to share my excitement.
-Hellllllo! Are you sitting down?!
-Hello? I'm in a building and can't hear you. With whom am I speaking?
I just hung up. I was too excited to have to explain to my father who I was.
Later when he called back I told him the news and he goes, "Oh my gosh, Jessica, I can't balmy it is here!"
Honestly, why I bother speaking with him over the phone is one of the great mysteries of my life.
Just got back from fedex and sent everything off to New York. I'm a realist through and through so I realize she's just reading it. But it's still cool that someone I don't know will read my work.


Brina said...

It's been really balmy here too. Though today was a bit colder. I had to break out the big winter coat. It's warm and has this nice hood trimmed in fur, but the fur gets in my mouth sometimes.

Oh, and I'm super excited for you! Who are you?

Jess said...

oh bri, genuinely hope you're kidding about the hood.

and how much does this remind me of you?

SASKELCH said...

JESS! OH MY GOD! Seriously! You're MY GOD! My author-to-be, literary genius, totally "entire manuscript" worthy God! How freaking exciting! Congratulations! Just so you know, as soon as it's available at my local Barnes & Noble, I'm buying like 10 copies of it to give out as presents!
PS: got your email - we SO need a catch up vaca! I'm thinking Hawaii to see Aliza and baby after the Bar is over?? (that would be anytime after March 1st.)
PPS: Michelle left me a message not long ago that said "We really need to go on vacation soon." And then like 2 sentences later: "I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks with my friends." ha!!

Jess said...

HAAA! sarah, you're too funny.
Thanks so much, but i'm more impressed with you and your mad legal skillz.
whenever i see a lawyer cartoon in the paper i want to cut it out for you. but don't. because i don't carry scissors with me, it's not safe.
"do you have tape?"
no one on earth like michelle, and fine, i suppose i could go to hawaii, that sounds OK. ha.
check yer email. love you, talk soon