Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nice Hat Kim.

I've been saying this forever to anyone who will listen, but Kath & Kim is one of the funniest things you can be watching on television. It's Australian but plays on the BBC channel here, and i literally hold my sides laughing every episode. Just spent the better part of my Sunday morning watching bloopers from the show on youtube. I'm an up and at'em kind of girl.
How much do I love bloopers? Um, a lot. There's something about watching people who don't want to laugh try to shake it off that is one of my favorite things in life. Why is it when you know you shouldn't laugh, you can't seem to stop? There's nothing else like it in the human experience. I'm sort of fascinated by the whole thing. And watching clips of people trying to control the uncontrollable guarantees a laugh on your end.

I read awhile ago that yawning is a universal experience. Scientists think it's an evolutionary clue in that both animals and humans yawn. It's a huge part of basic communication. Truly. And supposedly, a person's sensitivity can be measured by their yawn reaction to another person's yawn. Most people catch a yawn if they see someone else do it. (just typing it has made me yawn) But if you don't, then you're probably not that interested in the people around you. Sorry, just how it is.
But I think laughter ranks right up there with the yawn. If you can watch a blooper reel of people bursting out in fits of laughter, and not smile, check your pulse. I just think it's a common reaction. Think back on a time when you've laughed incredibly hard. Now try to relay this story to someone without smiling. If you can do it, I don't want to be your friend.


Anonymous said...

Laughter in others can make you laugh yourself - I recall a close friend laughing so hard that at least half a pint of beer came out of his nose - okay, so it would have been more impressive if we handn't all been drinking quite a lot at the time, but it's still a mental image that is burned, like a jail tat, on my brain.

And yes, the result was a round of even greater laughter around the table, whipping up into a perfect storm of hilarilty.

God knows how it would of ended, luckily, we all passed out through hyperventilation.

That's the last time I ever get my cock out at the table.

As for K&K, hummmnm, have never quite been able to get into it. Suspect it's the tremendous mangling of vowels that set my teeth on edge.

Such freedom with the English language would, in my youth, have seen me battered to an inch of my life by my English master, a man who's idea of elocution lessons was to kick you in the teeth until you coulld pronounce 'Cheltenham' properly.

Those that could never get their mouth round that final 'ham' would simply get their mouths round Simkin's boot. Then there was young Prendergast, who once, in a moment of giddy excitment, said 'G'day!' and was simply shot.

Jess said...

ah, yes. the half pint of beer out the nose. wait, what?! that seems like a lot. had it been guinness would a quarter pint have come out first, settled, and then the rest? i suppose it depends on the joke.

sadly, the mental images of hilarity burned on my brain are also of the fluid variety. top honors going to a friend who peed her pants outside of Shakespeare's house in Stratford-upon-Avon, and then proceeded to dry said pants using the automatic hand blower in Shakespeare's bathroom. He had to know something great was going to come of his life, having a ticket office and a modern public restroom in his foyer.

i'm afraid after that you lost me. but something tells me it's not the first time you've ended a story with the bit about your cock. which, of course, begs the question, what place does a rooster have in a bar?
unless you meant your penis, in which case i'm so right there with you.

And because i genuinely think you're hilarious, i implore you to take another look at kath and kim. look at me. looook at muuuuhee. it's different, it's unusual, it's nice, it's nice.

Anonymous said...

Said friend would like to remain anonymous this time. It was really funny, ok? Get the house in the picture.

Jess said...

truly, one of the funniest moments of my entire life.