Saturday, July 08, 2006


I love watching Wimbledon because it let's me know it's summer. Growing up, 'Breakfast at Wimbledon' was something we took quite literally. We would wake up to watch a full morning of tennis with endless bowls of cereal knowing we didn't have to go to school, and it was great.
So I was watching a women's match the other day and the commentators were remarking on how much Maria Sharapova screams. Tennis is really the only sport I can think of where you can watch one player's emotions unfold throughout the match. Golf and bowling offer the possibility i guess, but people don't really scream during these games. Although, if bowlers screamed like tennis players when rolling the ball down the alley, I might be inclined to watch.
The announcers went on and on about how maybe she showed too much emotion and perhaps the officials might ask her to stop. It occurred to me that I never could have been a professional tennis player. Exercise has always brought out my potty mouth-- I can't help it. Remember the parachute in elementary school? I was like a sailor--'Make the effing mushroom you guys!" And I don't even realize it's happening until situations like a race freshman year when Lauren Volo yells over her coxbox, "Jess, you can't tell a coxswain to shut the fuck up." So this random rowing memory came to me and it was a little funny, i kept watching tennis, end of story.
Then, yesterday at work i was arguing with the guys over greatest all-time summer snack. They said soft-serve dipped in that cherry shell (good choice, but not the best), strawberries and whipped cream (yo, I'm a farm girl, you don't have to tell me), and Tri, the dishwasher said Korean BBQ. They must not have summer snacks in Vietnam. But the correct answer is Bomb Pops. And I went on to give an impassioned speech about popsicles and the rights of summer. Ok, end of story.
So last night, I get home and there's a big yellow envelope in the mail. I look at the return address and it's from Kristin Hammill. I immediately burst out laughing because I already know what it is. YEARS ago, Kristin stole my name popsicle stick from that board in the boathouse and whenever I saw her online she'd be like, 'yo i have to send that to you, yada yada.' And she did!
But isn't that a little weird? I had just been thinking about rowing, AND popsicles! It's like Jumanji! Or not. But now I just have to think of a more exciting combination of things and wait by the mailbox.


Sarah said...

Random Lauren Volo story: I've apparently found my dream job because one day last week court was not in session, so I brought in coloring books and crayons to keep me and anyone else who wanted to stoop to my level occupied. Well, lo and behold, every lawyer in the place wanted to color, and one of the books was an old Jungle Book coloring book and Lauren Volo had colored and signed the most amazing picture of Baloo and Mowgli - I'm talking shading, blending, and creating new colors - a real work of art. And EVERYONE that went through the book asked who Lauren was because her picture was so great.
Long story short, we now have a wall full of colorings in our little clerk office thanks to yours truly. :-)
And I WISH I had taken my popsicle stick from the boathouse - what a great momento.

Jess said...

HA! dude, i love it.
"Counselor, do you have anything to add?"
"Um, yes. Has anyone seen my burnt sienna?"
And the visual of your office covered in pages ripped out from coloring books is tops. Clients will start to think someone has a ton of kids, only to realize the person who can't stay in the lines is representing them.
AND, i totally remember lauren's mad skills with a crayon. On some bus trip I was asked to judge the colorings and was blown away. ha, too funny, though.

Brina said...

I TOTALLY agree about the bomb pops! They sell them at the Mr. Softee trucks all over the city and when people get up there to order a vanilla/chocolate double cone rather than my summertime favorite, I have to admit that a small part of me wants to slap that silly cone down on the ground and set them straight with a tri-colored spear of icy freedom to remind them of what summer is all about. snap.

Jess said...

haha. icy freedom. good one sister.

Kristin said...

great story! i wish i took my own popsicle stick now.