Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

So in the August edition of her magazine, O, Oprah talks about her relationship with lifelong friend Gayle King(pronounced Gail, not Gay-le) and lets the public know that they are not lesbian lovers. Um, Ok. Thanks Oprah.
The media kind of put this out on the wire with breaking news importance. This just in, Oprah's not gay! Um, OK. Thanks news. When you wrap up that current events coverage could you highlight that little problem in the middle east? No? There's a few more powerful women who came out as straight? Ok, let's get to that then.
But why would Oprah even need to comment on this?! She's Oprah!! Anything she touches turns to gold, what was she afraid of? That if people thought she was a big gaymo there would be a rush on female upper arm tattoos in middle America and she'd have to start driving a Subaru? Oprah, it's cool, let them think what they will. If the lesbian community had Ellen, Martha (come on now, you know it's true), AND YOU, it might actually make the writers at the LWord create more meaningful storylines. (dana dies, let's all make out)
Oprah has become such an elevated icon she's more of a religious figure than anything else. Oprah isn't gay or straight. She's omnisexual. But if she felt she needed to set the record straight, so to speak, good for her. You're not gay Oprah, I'm glad you know. Just because you and Gayle call each other 10 times a day, you gave her a talk show, and the two of you have very hot sex, does NOT make you a lesbian. I GET IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

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