Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Explosions In The Sky.

hey, 4th of July! Let's shoot things in the air!
Apparently everyone got this memo. Even North Korean leader Kim Jong Il who decided to test some missiles yesterday. I can see how that conversation played out.
Kim: do we have any of those sparklers? those are always fun.
Staff: I'm sorry leader. We don't. Would you like us to set off some of those nuclear weapons we have out back.
Kim: mmm, ok. but do the one with that makes the whistle noise.

Also, NASA launched a discovery shuttle into space yesterday. Into space! that just blows my mind. I always like to get a window seat on flights, even if it means sacrificing the oh so needed aisle stretch room. I love to watch cars like ants and gridded land and the Lite-Brite earth when everything is lit up at night. Everything's put in perspective. But to be in space? to look back on the actual planet. I really think that would be like the ultimate cleansing of the palate. Bobbing around weightless you'd probably just say, oh, ok. i get it. I wonder if the astronauts have special playlists on their ipods for their missions. "Songs for Space." Think of how awesome it would be to listen to Doves 'There goes the fear' looking back on earth. Or the Pussycat Dolls 'Don't Cha.' I feel like that would really resonate out there.
And of course, traditional fireworks were set off everywhere. Raffi and I were talking about firework commentary and how even the most articulate people are reduced to "oohs and aahhs." But truly, why do people feel the need to comment on every single one? Perhaps it's something intrinsically human. like that involuntary action to reach for your eye if it hurts. But across the board, everyone has something to say after each explosion. Usually a rotation of these things:
-Whoa! Did you see that?! (no, i missed it. should i have been looking up there at the sky? is that what this whole thing is about?)
-Wow. That was awesome. (yes. it was. they're all awesome. and i'm sure you'll remind me of that later)
-Oh, that one was ok. I thought it would make a louder boom. (yea, you're an idiot)
-Whoa! did you see that?! (and so it goes).


Brina said...

Brilliant. You're just brilliant. Like a little exciting sparkler. Happy Fourth, sister.

Jess said...

oh, bri.
please let that be the last time you call me a little exciting sparkler. thanks.
see ya soon!