Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Bit With A Dog.

In an advertising class I took in college, the professor talked about how any commercial will be successful if you add either a cute child or a dog and that most toilet paper commercials use both, because who wants to think about toilet paper? Then in a TV production class I took, the professor talked about an industry secret that you should never work with either a dog or a cute child because they can't respond to direction and you'll waste half the shoot cleaning up after them, hence the toilet paper i guess.
But I'm sorry, throw a cute dog on TV, and I'm there. if you don't stop channel surfing on a dog show, we probably aren't friends. Who doesn't LOVE a puppy?!
So Project Runway is hands down the best reality show ever. The Amazing Race is brilliant, but running around the world capturing flags and clues isn't reality, it's a game show. If you're not watching Project Runway, I'm inclined to ask you what your problem is. The show gathers together these insanely talented people, creative tempers, amazing design, fabulous accents, and this week, dogs! The challenge was to design an outfit for a dog and the "dogs owner" (the model), and it was awesome!
Side note, i really don't like when people dress their dogs up, actually, I'd go as far to say I hate it. Nessa recently got a miniature Pinscher and I told her if she started putting shirts on it and carrying it around in a bag I would never talk to her again. But I saw a bulldog outside Crepes on Cole the other day wearing a track suit and I broke. Dogs in pants is just funny. Dogs in track pants, well, I melt.
OK, so Project Runway is like my football season and I like to pick winners. Last year I called Chloe Dao from the first episode. This year is a toss but I'm liking Alison Kelly, or Uli Herzner, because with a name like Uli, you really can't lose.

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