Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grab Bag II.

A mix of things. If you need more, you can go here.

-I received a Groupon notice today for 61% off a psychic reading. Would anyone redeeming this really be all that impressed by any of the psychic's findings? "She knew I like value and savings! How did she know that?!"

-Speaking of value and savings, has anyone seen Extreme Couponing on TLC? I'm disturbed by how many people on that show stockpile diapers even though they don't have children.

-The $5 donation for a chance to win dinner with President Obama has been reduced to a $3 minimum donation. The fine print of this fundraising tactic points out that the dinner has been changed to a six inch sub from the original Footlong.

-I'm offended when people in front of me at the grocery store checkout put one of those separator things on the conveyer belt. I feel like they're implying something when they do that. Either that I'm an idiot and won't be able to tell when my single half gallon of almond milk has disappeared, or that I'm trying to cheat them in some way. I almost always have to stop myself from saying, "Hi, I'm not trying to steal from you. Or have you buy my groceries. How could I possibly benefit from you taking the things I need home with you?"

-As I ate my third donut of the morning today, I started reading an article about cooking oils you should always avoid, but then decided against it.

-The fact that pretty much NO ONE in the mainstream media is covering the Occupy Wall Street protest is insane. If there were thousands and thousands of cats gathered together in lower Manhattan, every news outlet in the world would be there. It would be the last minute spotlight of every evening news broadcast in the nation.
"And finally tonight, look at all these cats! Man, cats are weird. Good night, everyone."
Has America lost its taste for revolution? If YouTube and viral videos existed in Colonial times, would we even be a nation today? Or would John Locke have been too busy with the kitten on a treadmill link to think of anything original. If the media won't cover a group of people crying out for social, political, and economic change, we owe it to ourselves to take notice and support them.


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

I'm shocked by the non-coverage too. Occupy Boston is organizing and I found out through facebook.

Al said...

I disagree! The NYT has some very condescending and dismissive coverage!

Some good critiques of the crappy coverage:

Good actual coverage:

Also, chickens have ears!

Jess said...

hey lauren! Something is starting in Chicago as well. Heard that the book club is off to a great start! Miss you!

Great point, Alex. Could you imagine if the NYT was so dismissive of the people involved with the Egyptian protests or the Arab Spring in general?

Do you think it's because it's seen as a hipster uprising? Have tight jeans ruined this for everyone?

Al said...

I dunno if the coverage of Egypt was as dismissive, but I found it to be void of context and depth. You could make similar statements about the NYT article referenced in the above links I spose. Seems like some people (I stole this citation method from Fox News) are linking the condescending tone to major news corps like the Times having a lot of connections to government institutions.

I do think some of the critiques are legitimate. I really have no idea what they're actually protesting except that they are mad at "Bankers." I wouldn't be shocked to learn that an overwhelming majority don't have any basic understanding of finance or accounting, why they're really angry, or which exact parties they should be angry at. The anger is completely justified, but it's very different from protesting military action where moral issues are less complex and easier to understand (i.e. no math involved).

In short, yes I do think there is a direct connection to tight jeans. Also I'm really sorry, but I constantly put a divider on the conveyor belt at the grocery store. I told Katie this morning that one of my biggest fears at coffee shops/sandwich places is that someone will not pay attention and steal my order when it's called up. I assume this is connected.

Al said...

Upon reading that again it may seem like I'm not supportive of the protests. I think it's awesome. I just wish more of them hated the FASB and the lack of a cram down for mortgages on primary residences in Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code as much as they hate Wall Street investors.

Jess said...

I don't know. I don't think you need an advanced degree in finance to understand the disparity in America right now. As far as a clear singular message, where could they possibly begin? There are at least 30 things I could think of off hand to put on a "Why I'm Pissed" sign. And that's just me. Add a few hundred other people and yes, it seems unfocused. But what's laughable are the critiques of the protests that point to this as a reason why they shouldn't be taken seriously.
"They don't even have a message!"

Anyone paying attention to the real struggles people have been facing for the last decade alone, should realize that this frustration can't be summed up in a sound-bite slogan. I think a group of people coming together to speak out against something they feel is wrong, and corrupt, and broken, is important and goes beyond understanding the math behind it. (which was totally bogus anyway)

With that said, I too worry people will steal my coffee.

Damn it, Grab Bag posts are supposed to be light!

Brina said...

It's super strange walking around wall st now because they have all these metal barricades up, cops everywhere, and they just try to move pedestrians along so no one can actually stay down there.

I heard a cop tell someone last night "yeah there's a bunch more of us up near the square where all the hippies are, but I got posted down here. Damn hippies."
REALLY, officer???