Thursday, March 31, 2011

Has Trouble Focusing.

Tried things out with the new camera and then spent over an hour screaming at it because I couldn't get it to focus.

All in all, this first attempt went as expected.

Stay tuned for video blogs, people!


juliet said...

i love you. you are helping me perfect the laugh/cry at my desk.

Jess said...

Juliet, it's nice to see comments from you again!!!!

Geoffrey Gavett said...

Jess - hello - Jess? Is this thing on?!
Oh, oh hey - if you ever need help with camera troubleshooting.
You can lean on me.
Over and out.

saskelch said...

TRF. Television, Radio & Film, in that order.

Straight as a Circle said...
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Straight as a Circle said...

omg, you are SUPER FUNNY! - This made me literally laugh out loud! Your v-blogs will be as enjoyable to watch as your blogs are to read. Hope all is well with you!