Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Team!

So things are moving along with the book. I've decided to self-publish and then promote the poop out of it using whatever outlets I can. "Promote the poop out of it" is an industry term. (Note to self: Buy the domain name

Here's the recent progress:

-I purchased a camera and will soon be posting video blogs. Stay tuned for that awkward mess.

-I'm thrilled to announce that my incredibly talented friend Geoff Gavett has agreed to design the Open-Eyed Sneeze book cover! It's going to be amazing. 

-Boston's PR darling, Molly Galler, has generously offered her talents to help with my efforts to expand my base. Molly's middle name is actually Twitter.

-Sabrina Rae, event-planner extraordinaire, is planning the initial book launch in NYC. Details to follow. 

-Debra Martin, my mother extraordinaire, has offered to make eggplant parmesan for the launch. 
"Mom, it really won't be that kind of party."
"What, people don't like delicious food?"

I'm excited. Maybe it's because I'm a farm girl at heart, but it's fun to watch something grow.


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

OMGEEE! I am so excited!

And how am I learning about the book cover artist this way?!

I guess you know how much I actually work now. Maybe I should actually have a night with my man!

Marietta said...

Exciting! I'm a big fan!!! Keep us all posted....I'll be at the opening in NYC guarenteed!....and I'll bring as many folks as I can muster! P.S. I see your mom's eggplant parm and raise her a lasagne!


YAHOO! Go team is right! Can't wait to be part of this amazing launch!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Way to go! I can't wait to read it..and promote it! I will definitely make it a pick for my book club!


Amalia said...

WOO go get it! Wheels are in motion!

@My MOM: Have you ever made a lasagna ever in your life? More like, "raise her a kraft mac-n-cheese and some salad."

Brina said...

You will HAVE to give me a date to work towards soon, Jess. I am about to explode with event-planning excitement.

juliet said...

i love delicious food!

MFB said...

fourth row, aisle seat :)

Marietta said...

to dare you? i make a mean spinach lasagne!!!!!! jeez louise!

Marietta said...

but amalia's right about the salad.....i make a mean greek salad!

Jess said...

Thanks so much everybody! I REALLY appreciate the support!

Marietta- You're such a nice person, why is all your food so mean?

Marietta said...

How true! LOL! "mean" meaning....wicked good! no wait....feindishly deelish....nevermind, you get it!