Monday, March 28, 2011

Going Viral.

In an effort to increase my web presence, I've decided to make a viral video. 

What do we know about viral videos?
1) Anything with cats works. 
2) Anything with kids coming from the dentist is sure to please.
3) The Chocolate Rain guy will be singing that song for the rest of his life. 

These are all good starting points but I need something cutting edge and controversial. I need body double face replacement.   

Right. So all I need is a good special effects person because I have the video.

I'm picturing my face subbed in for all these little children-- except the one girl who keeps smiling. She can stay.

And then at the end I want to turn into a swan.


Gordon said...

Let's see. With some quality editing, we could probably take a video of you sneezing a few times and then drop in eyes that don't blink through the whole thing.

Weird enough to go viral; on message enough to actually advertise the book. What do you think?

Brina said...

I can't even begin to craft an appropriate response. Somewhere after 2:00 they start playing "Swanee River", no? I'd rather just watch a video of your campaign speech to be a Uniform Manager in Band circa 1996. That would be enough awkward and incredible for me.

Jess said...

gordon, you're something of a genius.

sabrina, i'm quite sure i have no idea what you're talking about.

Brina said...

Um, yes you do. Uni me? Do you want me to run down the Top 10 reasons? I might still remember them? Should I start posting old pics on your fan page??!

MFB said...

@Brina: YES! And Class Acts :)

Holly said...

That's the creepiest thing I've ever seen. And why are their guitars so big?