Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Shopping list: Glasses, Flashlight, Cup of Coffee.

It can be pretty dark on my street when the other houses don't have their lights on at night. I'm prone to tripping or walking into things with even the best conditions, so when I'm tired and it's dark out, I really don't stand a chance.  

Just before reaching my apartment last night my foot hit something kind of light and soft. There are a lot of random cats around my neighborhood-- it really freaks me out--so I was pretty sure that I had just kicked a stray with my stride and was hoping to avoid stepping on it. After the initial kick, I jumped up and landed on something equally soft. This caused me to jump again, and once more, I stepped on something. A lot of jumping and a lot of swearing were involved, until I finally reached the back steps of my apartment and looked down at my feet. There seemed to be some sort of thick goo all over my sneakers so I ran to the grass to wipe them off thinking to myself, "What the hell was that?!"

By this morning, there was a fresh dusting of snow on the ground that made the entire street look impeccably clean. Walking down the driveway and onto the sidewalk, I saw splashes of red that stood out in such strong contrast to the white snow that I almost threw up. Slowly stepping closer, afraid of what I might find, I saw the squashed, ruined remains of three jelly doughnuts.    


Amalia said...

oh, phew! i was pretty worried about where that story was going.

MFB said...

i just cackled out loud. (COL?) i would have paid to be an observer for that entire experience.

Chantel said...

hi jess wow didn't know where that was going i stepped on a frog once, on a tennis court, hadn't thought about that in awhile, thanks!

really wonderful to see you saturday your family is golden like light from heaven!!!!!!


Jess said...

Amalia- I've decided that it's impossible for your dog to be any cuter. The pillow?! come on!

MFB- snap, cackle, pop.

Chantel-You're so obviously an artist. I usually just describe my family as loud. So great to see you and congrats again on Berlin!