Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tiara? Really?

I once heard someone say that the media doesn't tell you what to think, it tells you what to think about. OK, fine, but sometimes that's just as annoying. There are big things going on in this world. Big, important, serious things that deserve our attention and if people could pull themselves away from stalking each other on myspace for five seconds, they might actually be concerned about it.
Bush is talking about sending more troops into Iraq, saying that it is necessary for victory. Seriously, what's wrong with this man? No, for real. Here's my assessment of Iraq: We broke in, destroyed the place, hung around too long, and then blame the people there when they get pissed about it. It'd be like the team from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition taking that crew of 100, ripping down a house, and then just chilling for a few years. "Why are you so upset?! We're building you this beautiful house! and you're all waah wahh, where's my house? Building a beautiful house with Sears appliances takes time! Just wait in this mess and geez, be grateful! When we finish up here we're going to play it over with some very emotional music and you'll cry. Just you wait."
Have you ever noticed when a car breaks down or a bbq fire goes out, men gather around to stare at it? Iraq is beginning to feel a bit like that bbq fire and Bush is all, "Hey, c'mere and look at this. Let's get some more people to come look at this too."
OK, not sure what the bbq fire thing was supposed to mean. It's not the point of the post. The point is, the media is sharing Iraq coverage with the breaking news of Miss USA. Truly. The news is covering an actual Donald Trump press conference to talk about giving Miss USA a second chance after underage drinking and partying in nyc--disgracing the crown.
Um, what?
Here's the thing about pageants. They're ridiculous. I will argue that nothing can be taken seriously when a swimsuit is involved--even Olympic Swimming competitions. (yeah, you did Russia proud, but i can see your package). The idea that Miss USA is a role model and could actually disgrace a position that requires a tiara is the definition of silly. And of course, she said she will attend rehab, because really? what else is there to do to fill the days of being Miss USA?
But do you see? The media got me thinking about it, those tricky bastards.
And we're all a little dumber.
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juliet said...

don't knock the myspace. it's the only venue i get to declare my love of trista's husband in. oh and ps. you should rent a car and visit them in yosemite.