Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nope, still confused.

Long time no blog. (note: that saying has almost no poetic undertones and i fear it won't catch on.) But while I don't post, life continues to amaze at alarming rates.

*First let's get it out of the way. too many insane celebrities, not enough quips in the cosmos, put on some underwear. good. that sufficiently wraps up a few months. and if someone can explain how paris, brittany and lindsay can be together and the world doesn't implode, i'd like to know how that's possible.
*Democrats got some power back. only that's like being handed the keys to a maserati after someone pooped in it. celebrate if you want, but it's going take a while to get that new car smell back. and every time you pass those people who pooped in it, they're going to know that they can poop in your car, and you'll still drive it. i watch a lot of c-span and this poop/car thing is a huge issue on the hill.
but to get into that poopy car, midterm election ads spent over $500million. we're spending about $6300 per second in iraq according to nick kristof, PER SECOND. remember the americans without healthcare? remember the katrina folks still living in trailers? remember the working poor being squeezed out of cities? Is Brewster's Millions like the ONLY movie playing in washington?!
*Recent studies prove that elephants are among the few mammals (chimps/maybe dolphins) that can recognize themselves in the mirror. great. all an elephant needs is some mirror self-image boosting. after the study one particularly sensitive elephant named Grapefruit, refused to eat peanuts and was found on an elliptical machine.
*Antonio Banderas is the voice of a cartoon bee in a Nasonex commercial.
*An artist named Jibbs has released a song called "Chain Hang Low." during the hook a chorus of children ask,
Do yo chain hang low Do it wobble to the flo Do it shine in the light Is it platinum, Is it gold Could you throw it ov'r ya shoulda If you hot it make you cold Do your chain hang low?
* The New York Times, "all the news that's fit to print" had an article about the dangers of large pocketbooks. anyone? anyone help me out with that one?

There's a bit of anxiety when you start to see the times you're living in solely as future Trivial Pursuit answers.


juliet said...

i love you jess.

Jess said...

hey day-maker. you're nice.