Friday, June 09, 2006

Look Ma, more pics.

Right, so i just have to share this because it's honestly one of my favorite things ever. So we were in a thrift store and Nessa found a picture of two random people holding hands by a fireplace. All I had to do was look at this thing and i would tear up it was so funny. So we all agreed she had to buy it and put it in her apartment and when someone asked about it, make up a different story every time. I thought the woman looked like a Vicki and the man like a Harold. Anyway, when she went up to pay for it, the woman in front of her (purchasing a pair of closed-toe shoes with painted toes on the outside) starts screaming, "Oh you're buying that?! That thing's been here for months!" Now, why anyone would give away a framed personal picture to goodwill confuses me. But why no one would buy it immeadiately BLOWS MY MIND. When the woman with the shoes got to the register the thrift store worker goes, "Are these shoes or decoration?" And the woman, (seen above holding the picture) still screaming, goes, "I don't know. Whatever's cheaper." Love it!


sarah said...

jess i love your hair

Jess said...

thanks sarah. what are you doing for your bday?!!