Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Word Is Spreading Like A Warrior II Pose.

On our way to a fabulous New Year's Eve party, Nessa took advantage the overwhelming friendliness alive in NYC that night. Even people who would never dare say hello to a stranger, lit up and smiled when she shouted, "Happy New Year!" in passing. Every person she talked to responded. This was particularly amazing to me because as a server I struggled to elicit people's drink orders while talking to them at their table. "Hello?...." [Tumbleweed.]

Anyway, reaching so many people on the street with such a positive energy, she realized it might be a good time to get the word out about SIN Workouts. So after wishing people Happy New Year and getting a smile, she would say, "Check out SIN Workouts in the new year!" It was a pretty clever on the spot guerilla marketing campaign, despite the fact that everyone she was talking to was drunk. Regardless, we all started playing along and it was a nice way to pass the time walking to our destination.

Right before entering the house for the party, Mer stopped a girl headed to the midnight run in Central Park and asked, "Do you like to workout? Check out SIN Workouts." To which she replied, "Yeah! I've heard of that! Who invented that again?" To which all of us screamed, "SHE DID!" Turns out she had heard about it through a friend of Nessa's. But seriously? What were the chances?

If you're in NYC, I suggest you start your SINning now.


SINworkouts said...

personally I would have titled "Word is spreading like Ananda Balasana" but, thats just yoga talk, tlakin! woot woot!!

Jess said...

My Ananda Balasana don't want none...

happy baby pose is how i get dressed in the morning.