Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blurb's The Word.

Stephen Colbert's interview with writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak was absolutely brilliant and I particularly loved the blurbs he offered for Colbert's first children's book, I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)

"The sad thing is, I like it."- Maurice Sendak
"Terrible quality of ordinariness."- Maurice Sendak
"Supremely ordinary."- Maurice Sendak

This got me thinking. I don't actually have a written record of blurbs for my book. I think it'd be cool for promotional purposes, but mostly, I have really funny friends and I think you guys could come up with blurbs as awesome as Sendak's. (BQ, I'm looking at you.)

So I'm reaching out for your help. If you've read the book, could you leave a blurb either here on the blog, or on my fb page, or in the Customer Review section on the bookstore's website?
I'll love you forever (that's a long time) and all the blurbs will be put to a vote and the winner will receive a copy of the book plus a short story written about them. You love to read about you!

"But Jess," you say, "I've already read your book and don't want another copy."
To which I reply, "You don't have friends? Give it to one of them."

Up top internet high-five of thanks in advance.


Al said...

I came up with some on the bus on the way home!

1) "Realizing my online college diploma was printed on the back of a grocery store paper bag really put me down in the dumps...until I discovered this wonderful book!"

-[Some person's name - Liz Cheney maybeh?]

2) "Black beans or pinto?"

-Chipotle Salesman

(this one could also be "Guacamole is extra."

3) "I was going to write a book just like this about my life, but then a 19 hour loop of reality television started, so I said, "fuck it."

-Some 23 year old dude

4) "Reading this hilarious account of post college life was a fantastic break from applying to jobs on the same website cops use to entrap middle aged sex addicts."

-[I don't have a name idea here either!]

5) "Would you like a receipt from this transaction?"

-an ATM trying to get you to address your poverty.

Jess said...

Alex! How long is your bus ride? Thanks for these. I'll use them all.

I'd tell you you're funny but I recall this exchange:

Me: That's funny!
You: I know, that's why I said it.

Sadly, I don't remember what we were talking about.

You should seriously get started on writing something. Or maybe you and your bro could do some sort of video chat online show.

A few notes.
-Even seeing Liz Cheney's name makes me brake out in hives.

-I spent $70 at chipotle recently. it was sad. sad and delicious.

-Great call about the atm.

-Craig from craigslist lived in my neighborhood in sf. i always used to thank him for my job, my apt, my desk, and a missed connection that turned out not to be for me. He wore many hats.
That's not an idiom, he just really liked hats.

Brina said...

Watching this confirms I was right not to engage Mr. Sendak for our children's event at the opera (he really doesn't like kids). BUT he has SUCH a great rapport with Stephen that I think they should consider giving him a regular segment on the show. Why do you think he's so mad all the time?