Thursday, May 05, 2011


I've been seeing a lot of unicycle riders around town lately. What's that about?

It's obviously not a more convenient form of travel and honestly, it's just a little too showy for my taste. It's like screaming, "Hey! Look what I can do!" everywhere you go. People who can juggle don't walk down the street juggling. When I see people on unicycles I find myself rolling my eyes and then waiting for them to get to some sort of hill.

My friend said she saw a guy locking his unicycle to a bike rack. Really, unicycle guy? You think someone who also knows how to ride a unicycle is going to steal your wheel?
What would that getaway look like?

"Hey! Stop him! He stole my Uni!"
"What's that?
"My unicycle! Stop him!"
"You could probably just go walk over and ask him to give it back. He's not going very fast."

I'd like to see a chase scene between a unicycle, a pogo-stick, someone wearing moon shoes, and a guy on one of those little butt scooters that we used to use in gym class. And when the person wearing moon shoes gets away, this is how the scene ends:


Katie Sime McJury said...

Oh my goodness. This fall we totally saw a lady on a unicycle by my parents' house on Redman. She went down that huge freaking hill by the college heading north, to what I can now only imagine was her destination at Martin Farms. It was the craziest freakin' thing I've seen in a while. A unicycler on Redman Road? Really?

Brina said...

They're always going around the loop in central park too. They look RIDICULOUS!

Can't wait to see the video when you tape these people racing each other.