Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Book For Sale!

Well, it's official! Open-Eyed Sneeze can now be found on bookstore (singular) shelf, and is available for sale on the interwebs. Here is the link to buy the book!

Boston people, save on shipping and head to the Harvard Book Store to pick up your copy! Or, write me and I can get you one. I know a guy.

After May 18th, I will also be selling copies of the book through this blog via completely secure PayPal.

Options abound!

I posted the news about the book being available last night on Facebook, and the response from friends from my hometown was awesome. That town deserves its own shout out, and that's coming soon, but I have to say, Brockport is good people. Even when people leave and start lives in other places, something stays with them from that town. And we all know what it is.
It's the extreme desire to have a Wegmans.

Anyway, when I called to tell my mom that Sarah Schram was the first person ever to purchase my book, she started laughing with excitement and then burst out crying. My sisters had similar freak out responses. I love that my whole family knows the people who are buying my book by name. Score one, little indie press.

So, it's a really fun time for my first book! Read it! Tell a friend! Stretch!

(That doesn't relate, it's just really important to stretch.)


Jody said...

So I definitely can't wait until May 18th, so I'm gonna buy today from the Harvard Book Store. Oh and They're supposed to put a Wegmans in Frederick, MD like 30 mins from me and I'm beyond excited but not as excited as I am for you and this book! Congrats Jess! I couldn't be more proud to be one of the people who knew you when :)

Anonymous said...

Just bought the book online,a flash mob told me to "google it", so I did. I'm a sucker for flash mob advertising. Does that make me the first person from SU to purchase it? No? Well, how about the first person in your TRF255 group? Still no? How about the first person from your TRF Group that spells her name using more letters than neccesary?
-Meghann, Wegmans Club Card holder for Landover, MD Store.

Jess said...

Jody! Thanks for being the person to laugh at my terribly awkward attempts at jokes in high school. The only person. It was always worth taking the risk of saying something marginally stupid, knowing that at some point, I'd hear a little laugh from you.
That was honestly such a huge safety net for me. So... thanks.

NMeghann, you forgot the N at the beginning of your name. I. LOVE. THIS. COMMENT. I'm so grateful that you even read this blog, let alone bought the book! Thank you so much. I still want to work on something together in the future. Mockumentary? Come on! Let's do! You make me laugh so hard and our movie was awesome. I'm sorry, it just was.

Ooooh, Shoppers Club! How I miss thee!

Anonymous said...

whenever I worked at wegmans I never believed the people that would come in from all over raving about how they miss the store since leaving town..but it's so true.. nothing like it. sigh. Jess, glad to see your hitting the shelf. Maybe more to come?

Anyhow...whenever you want to set up the Indy leg of your book tour...just let me know. I'm sure I can round up about five people or so. Two of them might even buy the book, who knows. They pay you to travel right? Just don't expect me to put only green m&ms in your dressing room.

Glad to hear things are going well....miss ya homegirl

Matt T