Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Weekend With The Fam: Oh Boy.

Part II:

Once we got inside the house, we were greeted by wine and appetizers. My mother doesn't consider a homecoming official without a cheese plate and some sort of layered dip waiting for you on the kitchen island. 

This was my first trip home in a year, and I can't actually remember the last time I was there with both my sisters, so it was fun to sit around the kitchen and chill like old times. My father quickly made this nice moment awkward while sharing a story. In an effort to include Meredith, he lightly punched her arm and said, "It's a guy thing. Right, Mer?"
Because it made no sense, we all laughed-- but my dad only recognized that we thought it was funny and continued to use the same line throughout the weekend. 
"It's a guy thing, right, Mer?"
"Dad, stop."
"She gets it."
"No, Dad. No one gets it." 

After dinner we were all hanging around the family room and when Sabrina put on some music, she and my father started dancing. Obviously. To give you an idea of what this looks like, this was a pic from his actual surprise party. (My dad and my cousin Chris.)
All of Meredith's nerves about spending the weekend with my family were quickly erased and replaced with sheer joy when she saw how embarrassed I was by this. Brina is a great dancer, and hilarious. And my dad is hilarious too. I would have just preferred that he waited 2 hours before dancing around the house in front of my girlfriend.

(Me looking away.)

Also, it's important to note that he still had no idea there was a party planned for him the next night. While he was trying to follow Bri's instructions, Meredith leaned over and said, "This could be his birthday party. He's so happy!"
I looked to my father's huge grin and high-kicking legs and shrugged. "Yup."

That night, while looking through a closet in the foyer, I found 20 boxes of crackers hiding under a blanket.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

WOW, Vanessa looks absolutely fantastic!!! Of course all of you do as well!

Jess said...

Nessa, I know this is you.
You're not funny.

Naomi said...


Anonymous said...

I actually think Sabrina looks so much happier and prettier than Vanessa -- has that always been the case? Vanessa's muscles do look good though.

Anonymous said...

i think anoymous had a slight mistake.-------

WOW, Julia looks absolutely fantastic!!!( even thought not pictured OR mentioned!!) Of course, she is the prettiest one in the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical much?