Sunday, July 25, 2010

There Goes The Neighborhood.

My sister and Andrea came up from New York for the weekend and Nessa mentioned that someone in her building used to live in Jamaica Plain. 

Ness: She said the only people who live here are gays and doctors.
Me: Yeah, that's why the houses are so nice.
Andrea: The whole neighborhood? What about a bisexual nurse? 
Me: Yeah, probably right on the border. Like 4 more years of school, or one really serious relationship away.   


Ness said...

"Eh! Celtics... Redsox... Basketball... Baseball... Cookies!"

Great weekend, love you :)

ps. she will flip when she sees she's referenced on blogspot

andrea said...

Ok, my bucket list has been fulfilled. i had the following dreams to achieve:

1) meet someone who thought that globally, all birds flew in a v formation in honor of her name
2) win an air guitar competition
3) be funny enough to make it onto the funniest person we know's blog (and write that in proper english)
4) own two minipigs named: pig newtown and winnie the pig
5) know how to speak in shakespearean english, you know like hold my own in a conversation in thou's and art's

ok so i achieved numbers 1 and 2 prior to the past weekend. you can see my air-trophy on my air-table (which i got off the street for free from someone moving, hollaaa).

im SOOO happy i did #3 this weekend! yaaaay. it was an amaaaaazing weekend. cookies! puddddding! basketball! celtics! red sox! sunshine!

ness said...

andrea said...

the clip!

MFB said...

nice, jess. real nice.

a HUNDRED and FIFTY! for FIIIIIIVE DOLLAAAAAARSSSS!! jess forgot to tell you she was delirious with a freaking fever when she watched it, and thought she was hallucinating for the first 5 minutes.

also, hands off the mini pig. stella would get jealous anyway.

Jess said...

Andrea, that might be my favorite comment ever.
Freaking. Hilarious.

My Bucket list only had two things on it:
1) Sand bucket
2) Popcorn bucket

(I was really confused about the whole bucket list concept. Also, it's really hard to name different kinds of buckets.)

Nessa, so. so. funny. But that hat would actually cost $40 more when you factor in the strings of dollar bills hanging from it.

Thanks for the laughs over the weekend you guys! said...

excellent point, very small universe of bucket types. i can only think of a few secondary types of buckets (or as vanessa would say, plural is buck-eye, shortened to just "bi", which means that buckets must live on the fringe of JP)

uncle bucket
i dont give a flying bucket.
coffee from starbucket is overpriced.
first aid bucket.

so what was the lesson you learned tommy? not to pack so many buckets.

p.s. bucket sounds a lot like fck it, which is a good name for that list, because it's like, hey, this is my fck it list, im doing it.

Jess said...

Andrea, you're smarter and funnier than me.
Stop it.

But I love the f-It list idea.
Here's what would be on mine:
-Ice cream after breakfast
-wasabi pea requests on public transportation
-bringing wine on greyhound (you guys ended up doing that anyway, didn't you.)
-buying a case of cookies from a man wearing an umbrella on his head.

MFB said...

i'm sweating buckets?

(that breeze feels nice.)