Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cutest Name In The History Of The World.

My buddy Michelle just got engaged to her boyfriend and she is honestly one of my favorite people in life, so I'm over the moon excited for her!!!

I love her guy too, so all of this works out quite well! His last name is Beans and when they first started dating she would scream with delight every time she saw any type of bean. 
It was ridiculously awesome. 
When you shout "beans" like that, it's love. 

So anyway, her married name-- if she so chooses--will be Michelle Lee Beans. 
Say it a few times. 
Say it fast.
Now try to say it seriously, and slowly, like she's being called to testify in court or something.

Still cute.

Congrats Michelle!!!! 

1 comment:

Brina said...

Michelly Beans!!! They're my favorite! Congrats, Michelle!