Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keeping It Real.

My old buddy Matt has always had the brilliant talent of cutting through bs when talking to people. I appreciate this on so many levels but mainly because a) The truth can be hilarious and b) I feel like he's sort of the last of the Mohicans in terms of being honest about what's going on in his life.

These are weird times. If you're not trying to find yourself (I was under the sofa cushion all along!) you're trying to find your calling, or career path, or soulmate, or cause, or purpose, or anything that you can use to talk about with confidence when you run into people who want to know what you're doing. And it seems like everyone our age is constantly working on finely tuning the answers they give, so not only do they sound important, but you usually have no idea what they're talking about.  

-Do you ever hear from so-and-so?
-Oh, yeah, just saw her the other day.
-What's she up to?
-Um, I don't really know. I think she's either like making or buying all of the money that goes into Canada? I'm not sure. It has to do with money, and computers, and I think she said something about babies.

Anyway, whenever I hear from Matt I remember how great it is to know someone who refuses to sugarcoat things. This is from our conversation:

Me: So are you liking that new job?
Matt: No. I hate it. I go in, do 20-minutes of data entry and then surf the internet until I go home.
Me: And it's full time?
Matt: Yeah. It's a lot of internet time. Last week, after watching every available YouTube video on the topic, and I learned how to make cheese. If I wanted to, I could make cheese.  I know everything there is to know about making cheese.
Me: Wow. But maybe make a few test batches before serving your friends Internet cheese.
Matt: I don't need to. My cheese would be awesome. 


Yessica said...

Way to keep it real, Matt!

Speaking of BS, I recently started a Masters program in "Strategic Management" and I've been telling everyone that I'm studying "Asshole Science" or "Ego Management".

Anonymous said...

Open Eyed Sneeze is my preferred internet reading at work. You should be happy to know I selected your literary postings over instructional cheese making.

Jess said...

Oh nice, Jessica! Sounds like a 3-for-1 type thing.

I think most business degrees include at least one course on Trust Falls so it should be fun to learn the Icelandic equivalent for Trust Falls.

Just making sure, those classes are not taught in Icelandic, right? Making sense of vague business concepts is hard enough, but having to translate those ideas when you eventually land a job in the States might be worse. "OK, team, we're trying for sajdhsakgdas. Let's work on asiudgasuydt." as everyone just stares at you. But actually, in America, that might land you Strategic Manager of the year.

Side note: How funny would Dilbert be if his office was in Iceland?

Anonymous: That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever typed anonymously to me. And easily the first time anything I've done has taken precedent over cheese-making. So thanks!