Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shout Out.

I have to hand it to the cotton candy vendors at sporting events for their vocal efforts. If there is one snack that you don't need to announce, it's cotton candy. When people see you walking around a stadium with 65 individually wrapped bags of cotton candy on your head, there's very little wiggle room for interpretation. It really takes a special type of person to carry around the most obvious thing in the world and still feel the need to yell about it.


Sabrina said...

What are other unnecessary things to yell out? Here's a list:

1. I'm on fire!
2. I'm falling down these stairs!
3. Light-up Glowy Necklaces & laser beams here!
4. This subway cars smells like puke!

That last one is in reference to car I got into last night on the way home. Why have I not yet learned that if there are only 2 or 3 people in a car -- it's because it's unpleasant to be in that car??

Jess said...

It would be an interesting social experiment to walk around with a ton of those glow necklaces and see how many people approach you.
"I'm sorry, these aren't for sale. These are all mine."

Nice call on the empty train cars. MTA should have signs about it.
"If there are only 3 people on this train, it stinks."
And they should use those little wavy cartoon lines that indicate stench.
Those lines aren't used enough in municipal signs.

V said...

Works for Amtrak too...

"If there is anyone on this train, it stinks. If there is no one one this train, it stinks. Basically this entire train just smells, really badly."

Amtrak; The train leaves when it gets here.