Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take On Me.

Insurance company Mutual of Omaha has filed a lawsuit against Oprah claiming that it owns the phrase "aha moment." The lawsuit follows a cease and desist request from Winfrey suggesting that Mutual of Omaha's latest ad campaign, "What's your aha moment?" uses her aha moment line. 

I don't know if either side can lay claim to this term. I thought an a-ha moment was when you somehow got sucked into a pencil-sketch cartoon and danced around to new wave.  If anyone should be involved in this legal skirmish, it's the entire nation of Norway.   


Jessica said...

I would lump Sweden in this new wave A-ha moment as well. I've always pictured the Swedish as really colorful, happy people who would likely be caught dancing in retro 80's outfits (and yes, they'd be wearing American Apparel metallic shiny leggings).

I don't see Oprah dancing in a pencil-sketch cartoon though...

Jess said...

I think what you're describing is an ABBA moment. It's a different kind of Eureka! but yeah, it's a moment to be sure.

And now I'm craving Swedish Fish. So thanks.