Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wind It Up!

Gwen Stefani was the guest coach on Idol this week and truthfully, it was the only reason I watched the whole show. How could you not love her?! She's just about as cool as a human being could hope to be. When her latest cd came out I was like a 13-year old on TRL. "AHHHH! I'm Jess from San FranDisco and at number 3 this is 'yummy!' I DARE you not to dance! AHHH." This kid at work kept making fun of me and repeated, "Wind it up!" about 45 times a day for 2 weeks until he ruined the song for me.

A little while after this, I went into work and ran into Erik who was like, "You'll never believe who stayed here last night. Your girl Gwen."
So I did the Elaine "Get Out!" shove and started flipping asking if he met her, if she was still there, etc. And he was like, "yea, she's cool. and I mentioned that you were a huge fan so I got her to sign something for you."
Cue 13-year old reactions. "You did!?! Let's see!!"
So he gave me this picture of her and I saw her autograph on it and started to jump around before I even read the note. Erik was laughing a little bit and I thought it was because of my reaction but I looked at the note and it said, "To Jess, Wind It Up!" Gwen Stefani.

I stopped jumping and my smile faded away. "Wind it up?!!" And he just burst out laughing.
She was never even there.

I'm keeping it anyway, I don't care.


Brina said...

I love that I had the same reaction to American Idol this week. She is seriously the coolest ever. And she was so nice to those kids. Sanjaya's hair was ridiculous. WHY IS HE STILL ON THE SHOW??!!

Jess said...

you know who i want to be the next American Idol? Greg LaSala.
"Exit, stage right."

juliet said...

hilarious. are you really moving here on tax day?

Jess said...

no, changed my mind.

i want to be a dancer. i've always known, but it's something I'm just starting to talk about.

i want to dance. to be a ballerina/hip-hop backup dancer. that's my dream and i'm going after it. I'm packing a small bag of leg warmers and baggy pants and then I'm off to the dance capitol of the Earth. Des Moines, Iowa.

goodbye, friend. think of me someday when you see a '74 Impala on 24 inch rims blasting the 50cent Swan Lake remix, and know that somewhere,with my pointe shoes on and a band aid under my eye, I'm dancing to that song.

julz said...

Greg LaSala Is My papyas!!!!!!!!!!!!!