Friday, September 15, 2006

potpourri II

I haven't posted in awhile which could have meant one of three things.

A) I wasn't home.
B) I was home but didn't want to post for you.
C) Home, desperately wanted to post for you, but trapped under something heavy.

Anyway, one of my top ten favorite things in life-- yes, in LIFE--is when you put your music on and a perfect song for the moment plays. it's like, oh hello there music supervisor of the cosmos, good pick. I have a great memory when I was riding in the car with michelle (who is hands down the most dangerous driver in the world) in syracuse around christmas and WHAM's "last christmas" came on the radio just as I was getting out at my apartment and michelle goes, "I LOVE this song! get back in and listen!" So she whipped around the icy blocks, driving as an excuse to keep listening and it was sort of great.
So getting ready to jet back east, and the song British Columbia by the Elected was the first song that came on.

She says she's going back home.
Hasn't seen her friends in a while.
Plus British Columbia's real nice this time of year.

Right so I don't live in British Columbia, but whatever. Little things peeps, little things.

And another of my favorite things in LIFE is airport people watching. The Airport is the best place in the world to people watch and this is an argument I feel I can support fully. I always secretly hoped that there would be a reality show called "Super Million Dollar Random Debate-Go!" hosted by Regis which would surprise people on the street, or say, departure gates, and ask them to debate a really smart prep-school debate team champion on various subjects, and one time when the topic was "airports: the best places in the world to people watch" I would be pro and win. OK, that's not actually a secret desire I've always had...but now it is.

I think I will get apple juice when the beverage cart rolls by. I could do without apple juice every other day of my life, but put me a few thousand feet in the air and it sounds so refreshing.

Please don't let the person sitting next to me be a talker, loud breather, loud chewer, or a baby. exception: a baby who is a talker. That would be awesome.

Grill and chill on the deck? Yes please.

you've been together what? three weeks?
a month. how did you know that?
you take someone to the airport it's clearly the beginning of a relationship. That's why I have never taken anyone to the airport at the beginning of a relationship. Because eventually things move on and you don't take someone to the airport, and I never wanted anyone to say to me, "How come you never take me to the airport anymore?"


juliet said...

hello random, glad to see the large thing you've been trapped under was moved. but where are you exactly or rather where have you been if that is the more appropriate question.

juliet said...

aliza had a baby, email me if she hasn't sent you pictures and i'll send you the link

Jess said...

hey juliet. she sent me those pics but thank you! how effing amazing right? so ridiculously happy for her.
well...i miss you!