Monday, October 10, 2011

Couch Tour: Chicago!

Katie and Allison were kind enough to host the first ever Open-Eyed Sneeze Living Room Couch Tour Book Event last night.
(The title of the tour is a work in progress.)

If unfamiliar, the basic idea is that I'm trying to spread the word about the book on a completely grassroots level-- small parties in different living rooms throughout America. I'm asking friends to invite a few buddies over for an evening of talking about the book, laughing, and hearing ideas or feedback for future work. The first leg of the tour last night could not have been any better and I have Katie and Allison to thank!

Katie has become something of a t-shirt wizard, so she made a shirt for the tour, which will now be traveling with me. I will say this again, but nothing shows support quite like a handmade t-shirt.

The snacks were incredible and in an animal theme to honor the recent book reading at the zoo. Animal crackers, pigs in a blanket, ants on a log. Classics! When's the last time you had ants on a log?!

They also made funfetti cupcakes!:

After the party, mostly 'e' cupcakes were left. Just interesting to note.

Being a couch tour, I thought that I should read to everyone on the couch.
It turns out that was a little too close for comfort.

Katie set me up on a different chair and had a water pitcher and a mug ready because she said, "People always drink water out of mugs on talk shows."
Good point.

Then I had Adam read a passage because he has the most incredible voice. And the most incredible socks.

It was super fun and I'm excited to see how these events start to take shape as I have more. Thanks to everyone who came out for the very first one and can't wait to see new and old buddies in different living rooms soon!


Brina said...

Congratulations, Jess! It looked like a great event! Sorry I missed it! You should get Raymour & Flanigan to sponsor this tour.

andrea said...

It's been forever and I hope you are well - I just wanted to say that I miss your blogging and humorous commentary on life! I saw a comedy show recently and was so ashamed that they often go for the most base, lowest common denominator and sincerely appreciated the realness of your wit. I hope everyone is doing very well and that Chicago is wonderful. I'm sure you have a larger crowd of people than you realize who loved and miss your writing