Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Perfect Moment.

Walking home tonight in the cold, holding Meredith close, I hummed the opening riff to "My Girl." Never one to miss a cue, Mer waited for her intro and started singing. I adore her voice and listening to the lyrics made me grin like an idiot. Slowing it down and adding her own soulful twist to the jam, the song has never sounded so good. (No disrespect to The Temptations.) While she sweetly sang my favorite part, I dog-eared the moment as the best of the day. Hands down. No contest. The most perfect moment of my day. 

Crossing the street on the "Talking 'bouts," I leaned in to tell her what I was thinking and she promptly tripped. Taking three fast exaggerated steps to try to run out of a fall, she steadied herself and looked up at me for a second before shrugging and saying with a laugh, "Your girl."

It blew the previous perfect moment of the day out of the water.

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MFB said...

oh so happy to oblige, on both counts :)