Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Like A Golden Books Title.

"I'm in a relationship for three years. His name is William, but really his name is Ratbones."


I have to say, Stella from Project Runway is really growing on me. She usually has the best line in every episode, like when she said a lot of bikers in this country watch the Olympics or when she reminds us for the 100th time that she "doesn't do this." The best part of the show this week, perhaps the best part of any reality show ever, was when Stella made a phone call to her boyfriend, Ratbones.

"Uh, guess who?"
"It's me."

People with names like Ratbones usually don't like guessing games. Remind me to tell you about the time I was paired up with a man named Snakepiss for The $10,000 Pyramid.

Anyway, I guess the two of them want to start a label together, but don't you think "Stella and Ratbones" is a name better suited for a series of children's books?
"Stella and Ratbones Make Leather Vests"
"Stella and Ratbones and the Adventures of the Bad-Ass Kitten"
"Stella and Ratbones Meet Their Biker Friends To Watch Old Kerri Strug Footage."


Anonymous said...

Haha, I actually wasn't a huge Stella fan until after I found out her boyfriend's name was RatBones. Now I'm all in. You know that people are too lazy and probably just call him "bones" which means he has to have this conversation all the time
"your name is bones"?
"No, that's just what my friends call me, my real name is RatBones".

Ps. The Drag Queen challange-Bravo!

Jess said...

yea? you think people shorten it to bones over rat? i kind of like the idea of stella shouting "rat!" whenever he walks into a room. i'm sure they get a lot of comped meals that way.