Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Enough Already.

Enrique Iglesias sang "Hero" on Dancing With the Stars tonight and it occurred to me that the song could easily be 35 years old. Still with the Hero Enrique?? Really?!

My problem with the song is trifold:
1) It's horrible. (Did I even need to mention that?)
2) It's a song comprised almost entirely of questions and that's really annoying.
3) Still singing this song is like the inventor of the crimp iron still walking around and saying, "Hey, you know the crimp iron? That was me. Should we make out now, or later?"

With every question he asks in the song I grow more and more frustrated. Who the hell is he talking to? And hasn't he figured out after all these years that they're not going to answer?

It's a random rant. I'm just not a fan.
And at one point during the show I was pretty sure Enrique was tap dancing. That turned out not to be the case. Either way, it was lame.


jules said...

tap dancing is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Enrique. What it must be like to know that your father will forever be known as 'that bloke who sang with Willie Nelson' and that when people think of your dad they think of an unearthly tan, teeth so white the guy must brush with uranium and an overall presence of the sort of waiter that is one step away from being a sex-pest at a local cafe. Ane THIS is the guy who's shadow you can never escape.

Or maybe Big-E is a lot more famous over in the US than he is here in the UK. Local fame though can be a tricky issue - 'huge in the US' for instance, sounds good but is it so different from 'Big in Albania'? - which is truly not so far removed from 'a legend in our village...he used to do this trick with a duck, well, until the animal rights people got involved'.

juliet said...

anonymous, you're funny.