Friday, August 04, 2006


Can I get a Hell Yea?!
So I've been trying like crazy to get tickets to the sold-out Editors concert at the Fillmore next week but they've been super hard to come by. I gave juliet their cd for her birthday hoping she'd fall in love with them and think that going to the concert with me would be really neat for her and thus, the best bday present ever. Who needs Kiehl's when you can hear Britain's fresh indie sound, live? skin care is overrated. just playing, that was a nice gift.
So because I have a decent level of intrinsic rad, I finally found a pair!!
Juliet, I'll be calling you, don't even think about bailing.

Oh, right. Because scoring these tix helps solidify my SF hipster street cred, I can comfortably say that Justin Timberlake's new song Sexyback is AMAZING. It just is. And Fergie has a solo track called London Bridge that is driving me wild. Good stuff people, I'm not embarrassed to say it.


juliet said...

why would i ever bail? i mean, besides you totally ruining your street cred with that fergie comment. i'll take justin timberlake fine but you start saying good things about fergie and i'm not sure if you and i should be seen in public together. i'll call you monday.

Jess said...

aw, hater.
lovely lady lumps? come on.

Brina said...

Jess loves any song that she can dance to in the mirror. Am I right or am I right? right? raht? rrrraaah?

Jess said...

bing, again!
no, seriously though, you might be thinking of someone else.