Tuesday, June 11, 2013


When I went into a public ladies' room today, a little kid was standing by the hand dryer with a coat over his head. All the doors to the stalls were closed so I posted up next to him, smiling to myself in the mirror. After about 30 seconds, he pulled the coat down from his face, looked at me, and then put it back over his head.

A few seconds passed and I watched the coat mass of the young boy inflate and then deflate before hearing, "Mum! This is rubbish! Rubbish!"

Note: I LOVED that the coat-covered kid was British. It made it that much better.

From a stall the mother shot back, "Spencer!"

I hoped this was an alias. I mean, his identity was pretty much secret at this point. Why'd she have to go and call him out like that?

Anyway, I used the restroom and when I made my way back to the sink, Spencer was bobbing his coat head back and forth below the hand dryer to turn it on.

He was the best part of my day.

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